uFT intelligent remote fiber testing system

AI & OTDR technology based real time fiber fault detection & smart alert system. Fiber degradation forecast and prediction. Reduce fiber down time and repair cost.


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UGrid intelligent Remote Fiber Test System (iRFTS) is a state-of-the-art system for administering networks of fiber optic cables. iRFTS incorporates the latest advanced embedded Micro Processor technology into Main Control Unit (MCU) for AI Smart fiber breakage testing. Centralized control and fiber network administration of the system servicing dark fiber, live fiber, PON fiber network applications.

iRFTS allows the user to perform self-reliant AI fiber monitoring and cable commissioning including: real time fiber fault detection, accurate fault analysis, precise GIS mapping,  optical fiber degradation forecast; and optimized monitor fiber usage for data services. It brings the benefits of fast fiber recovery for SLA customers; construction / repair cost reduction; cost saving on manpower and handheld OTDR devices upkeep.

Key features:

  • 7×24 on-line monitoring with light source and power detector.
  • Real-time optical power monitoring and fault detection.
  • Fully automatic AI smart testing built into Remote Test Unit (RTU)
  • Main Control Unit (MCU) is microprocessor based, providing high cyber security, stability, reliability, and minimum power consumption.
  • Web base GIS interface supporting both online map or offline map down to street level.
  • Providing forecast fiber report and historical report for SLA fiber subscribers.
  • OTDR ghost trace filtration.
  • To comply with ESG goal to reduce power consumption with MCU control card, not using IPC system.
  • With the shelves cascaded mechanism to make the system capacity expansion easily growing with your need.(to saving the CPEX)


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