Plug-in Forward Inverse Equalizers 1.2GHz



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Forward inverse equalizers used in 1.2 GHz Surge-Gap FST products are available in 3, 6, 9 dB values. The in verse equalizers increase the forward path tap loss in a down tilted signal environment, with greater loss at higher frequencies than lower frequencies, and only a minimal effect on reverse tap loss. The plug-in forward inverse equalizer allows tap output levels to be optimized at tap locations with high-level forward RF signals and significant up-tilt (typically, the closest tap locations to nodes and amplifiers).


  • Expanded frequency range meets DOCSIS 3.1 requirements of 1.218 GHz and OFDM signaling
  • Optional plug-in forward inverse equalizers offer design flexibility
  • IEQ series: Brown plastic housing and print in white


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