GPON-technology-based ONU designed for home and SOHO (small office and home office) users. Interoperability with 3rd party major OLT.

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UNT is a G/EPON-technology-based ONU designed for home and SOHO (small office and home office) users. It is an access device that adopts FTTH (Fiber to The Home) typical networking mode and provides a variety of services such as high-speed Internet access, online video on demand, video conference, and large file transfer service to users. Remote service distribution, fault diagnosis, and performance statistics can be realized by OMCI, which effectively reduces the operation and maintenance cost.


  • Meets FTTH requirements and provide high-speed Internet access and voice service
  • Compliant with GPON ITU-T G984.X and EPON IIEEE 802.3ah standards and compatible with mainstream OLTs in the industry
  • Supports DBA(Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation)
  • Supports uplink and downlink bidirectional FEC (Forward Error Correction)
  • Supports powerful QoS feature to prioritize different types of service traffic
  • 10M/100M/1000M rate, full/half-duplex self-adaption
  • Supports IGMP Snooping and controllable multicast
  • Transmission Rate:
    GPON Downstream/Upstream: 2.5Gbps/1.25Gbps
    EPON Downstream/Upstream: 1.25Gbps/1.25Gbps
    Optical Standard (CLASS B+/PX20+ ):
    Downstream Wavelength: 1490nm+/-10nm
    Min Receiving Saturated Power: -27dBm
    Receiving Saturated Power: -3dBm
    Upstream Wavelength: 1310nm+/-50nm
    Min Optical Output Power: 0dBm
    Max Output Spectrum Width (-20dB): 3nm
  • Remote switching RF signal for subscriber management
  • Interoperability with 3rd party major OLT

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UNT-G-13-0-2-0, UNT-G-13-0-2-R, UNT-G-40-1V-3-0, UNT-G-20-1V-3-R, UNT-G-40-0-3-0, UNT-G-40-0-3-R


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