Leverage IEEE GPON technology to provide high-speed data service backhaul for small cell, video surveillance, Wi-Fi services.

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uFT intelligent remote fiber testing system

AI & OTDR technology based real time fiber fault detection & smart alert system. Fiber degradation forecast and prediction. Reduce fiber down time and repair cost.

U8 Outdoor OLT + EDFA Virtual Hub


xPON Outdoor all-in-one virtual Hub. Integrated with OLT, EDFA, SFP, and power supply modules in hardened housing.

uOPG800 Outdoor GPON ONT


Outdoor GPON ONT designed for FTTC scenario. Optional built-in AP for Wi-Fi coverage. Extreme temperature fluctuations, voltage imbalances, and electrical surges resistance. 4 POE ports. Ideal for traffic cameras, digital signage, and access points use case.



GPON-technology-based ONU designed for home and SOHO (small office and home office) users. Interoperability with 3rd party major OLT.



Designed for FTTH and FTTB networks. Delivers upstream and downstream DOCSIS, voice, video, and high-speed data service over FTTX applications.

TStar 5210 EYDFA with PON WDM Card


High power EYDFA with 1U (8 channels) and 2U (16 channels options). Can combine GPON/XGPON and CATV signals to realize wavelength division multiplexing.

uFA Fiber Amplifier

Fiber amplifier and power supply integrated into a 1RU & 2RU shelf. Optimized for CATV and PON applications including HFC and RFoG. Wide operating temperature range. Input and output isolators for enhanced system stability and performance. Digital signal processor and photodiodes for monitoring the optical input and output power through tap couplers. Remote management capability through SNMPv2 and telnet. The front panel’s LCD touch screen controller.