How to Make Your Network Connection More Efficient

In today’s world, we use the Internet probably even more than we realize. Each time we walk into a coffee shop, hair salon, or even a fast food restaurant, we’re surrounded by signs sharing WiFi logins.

However, we’ve become so used to fast Internet speeds and instantaneous Google search results that slower WiFi can cause some really frustrating issues. While we’ve come a long way since dial-up connections and slow-to-load pages, there’s no guarantee that our WiFi will function as quickly as it could.

If you’ve been struggling with slow Internet speeds or an iffy WiFi connection, this week’s UGrid Network blog is here to help with some tips about how to make your WiFi connection more efficient.

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Check for Router Obstructions

If you’ve been struggling with poor WiFi connection, you should check for router obstructions. No matter how great your WiFi network might be, if your router is obstructed, your signal strength will be negatively affected. Objects such as metal studs, stone, glass, brick, glass, or multiple walls and floors between your computer and router can interfere with your signal.

To improve your network’s efficiency, be sure to place your router in a centralized area so that each room in your home has better access to the signal. If you’re unable to find a centralized location, do your best to remove as many obstructions as possible to enhance the connection.

If you’re still experiencing slower Internet speeds, try moving it to different locations throughout your home and see what works best. Placing it in a high-traffic area, such as your living room, is ideal.

Put Your Router Up High

It’s common for people to put their router on the floor and tucked away in the corner, but this is actually not a great choice. Your router should be mounted somewhere higher off the ground and in the center of your house to reach all ends equally.

Ensure Your Network Is Secured

Noticing slower speeds lately? It may be due to other people stealing your bandwidth. That’s right — if your connection isn’t secured, anyone within your range can get access to your internet signal.

To make your signal faster and prevent others from using it without your permission, log into your router settings, change network sharing settings so they are disabled, and add a strong password to protect your signal.

You should choose a password that is long, unique, and difficult to guess. We suggest including several numbers and symbols, as well as periodically changing passwords to keep hackers and unauthorized users away.

You can also hide your network name, create a guest network for other usage, or install a firewall to prevent viruses as a way to secure your network connection as well.

Keep an Eye on Auto-Updating Programs

Whether you realize it or not, your computer runs various programs and apps in the background all the time. It’s common for these programs to automatically update, which can really slow down your speed without your knowledge.

If you’re beginning to notice a slower connection, we recommend downloading software that can detect these updates and determine which programs run in the background. This will hopefully help you pinpoint where the slowdown is occurring.

Check for Malware

While you’re checking your computer for automatic updates, you should also scan for malware. Malware, or malicious software, is a term used to describe any viruses, worms, trojans, or other harmful computer programs that hackers use to destroy your system and gain access to your most personal information.

Malware is not only threatening to your personal security, but it can also take up a significant amount of bandwidth, clogging up your internet in the process.

Keep Your Router Updated

A great way to prevent malware and therefore increase your connection speeds is to ensure your router is updated. In addition, routers with old firmware perform less optimally than ones that have been properly updated.

You can check whether your router is running the newest firmware available by launching a web browser and connecting to your router’s network. You should then enter the IP address of your router into the web browser. Login with your username and password and select an option called “Firmware Update” or “Router Update,” then wait until your router is able to find and install the latest firmware.

Extend Your WiFi

If you feel as though you’re doing everything right, but you’re still noticing a slower connection than you’d prefer, you can purchase a WiFi extender which picks up your router’s connection and rebroadcasts it, extending its range.

Be aware, however, that this usually decreases the strength of your signal, so this is really only a solution for those who have a strong signal, but are only struggling with short range.

Invest in Another Router

Having more than one router in your home will definitely increase the amount of signals within your home and can potentially solve your WiFi issues. Because there are so many options for low-cost routers on the market, this is an effective and affordable solution.

Get a Stronger Antenna

Typically, WiFi routers come with small, weak antennas that can seriously slow your connection down. If you don’t mind the size of a larger, more powerful antenna, we recommend going for it, as a larger antenna is a great way to boost the WiFi in your home without having to buy a new router!

It’s important to keep in mind that in order to gain signal, you’ll need to purchase an antenna with more gain than your current one.

Use the Latest Technology

When it comes to your internet connection, one of the best things you can do is ensure you’re using the latest technology. A good router should be able to serve you well for at least five years, so a larger upfront investment is worth it.

If you need assistance choosing the best technology for your network connection needs, our professionals at UGrid Network can help! We have the background and experience necessary to select solutions that will help optimize your network and make your internet speeds faster.

Rely on UGrid Network for Your Network Connection Device Needs

We know that figuring out how to make your network connection more efficient can be a challenge. However, we also know that with the world we live in today, it’s absolutely imperative. In order to be productive in our daily lives, we often rely on a strong internet connection, and without one, it’s likely that we’ll seriously struggle.

That’s why our team here at UGrid Network is prepared to help you find the connection devices that are right for you. We understand the value of integrity, hard work, and honesty, so we’ll always do what’s right for our customers.

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